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      Unser Slogan "Life isn't perfect but your outfit can be" sagt alles darüber aus, wofür wir stehen. Wir möchten dir helfen, das perfekte Outfit für jede Gelegenheit zu finden, damit du dich immer selbstbewusst und wunderschön fühlst. In den letzten vier Jahren haben wir bereits über 350.000 Kundinnen von uns überzeugt.

      Jackets for women - the perfect model for every occasion

      At Ladypolitan you will find a wide variety of women's jackets. No matter whether you are looking for something warm for the winter, a light jacket for the summer or a versatile all-rounder, you will find it with us.

      Winter jackets – keep you warm in cold temperatures

      When temperatures drop, you need a jacket to keep you warm. OurWinter jacketsare not only fashionable, but also practical and keep you warm in wind and weather. From warming down jackets to fashionable parkas - you'll find the right model with us.

      Transitional jackets – the right choice for autumn and spring

      Transitional jackets are the ideal companion for the changeable temperatures in autumn and spring. They're lightweight but still warm enough to protect you from chilly winds. With our fashionable designs you can take your look to the next level.

      Summer jackets – light and airy for warm days

      Our summer jackets are light, breathable and perfect for warm days. No matter whether you are looking for an airy denim jacket or an elegant blazer to round off your outfit, you will find the right summer jacket with us.

      Faux leather jackets – the fashionable all-rounder

      Faux leather jacketsare a real classic and should not be missing from any wardrobe. They can be combined in many ways and give every outfit a rocking touch. They are also easy to care for and robust.

      Faux fur jackets – stylish and warm through the winter

      With ourFaux fur jacketsNot only are you wrapped up warm, but you also look particularly stylish. They are the perfect companion for cold winter days and a real eye-catcher.

      Cardigans – comfort meets style

      Cardigans combine comfort with style. They are soft, comfortable and versatile. Whether in the office or on the couch, you are always well dressed with a cardigan.

      Cardigans – The versatile companions for every look

      Cardigansare the lightweight siblings of cardigans and perfect for the transitional period. They are available in many different colors and patterns, so you can find the right cardigan for every look.

      Coats for women – elegance for the colder days

      An elegant coat is a must-have for cold days. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also elegantly rounds off your outfit. With us you will find coats in different lengths, colors and materials.

      Oversize jackets – fashionable eye-catchers for wind and weather

      Oversized jackets are the latest trend in the fashion industry and combine comfort with style. These jackets offer a lot of freedom of movement and still protect you effectively from wind and weather.

      With their casual and fashionable look, they are a real eye-catcher and perfect for anyone who likes things cozy and stylish.

      Combine jackets – outfits for every season

      The right jacket can completely change your outfit. At Ladypolitan you will find a variety of models that can give your look that certain something.

      Winter outfits – With down jackets and parkas against the cold

      With our down jackets and parkas you are not only prepared for the cold, but also look stylish. For example, combine a parka with jeans and boots for a casual outdoor look. Or wear a down jacket with chic trousers for an elegant winter look.

      Spring looks – Light jackets set the scene perfectly

      Spring is the perfect time to experiment with different models and styles. A lightweight jacket is ideal to wear over a t-shirt or light sweater. Combine a denim jacket with a blouse for a fresh and casual look.

      Summer styles – Enjoy summer with denim jackets and vests

      Light jackets and vests are the best companions in summer.

      A denim jacket is versatile and goes perfectly with summer dresses, shorts or light trousers. Vests can be worn as an extra layer over a top or t-shirt for a trendy look.

      Autumn outfits – combine transitional jackets and coats correctly

      In autumn, transitional jackets and coats are the perfect companions. They offer the right balance between protection and style.

      A trench coat goes great with jeans and boots, while a transitional jacket combined with a warm sweater and jeans creates a comfortable and trendy outdoor look.

      Materials and details of our women's jackets

      Each season requires different materials and details in women's fashion. Ladypolitan offers a variety of models that are tailored precisely to the requirements of the respective season and are characterized by special details.

      From leather to knitwear – discover the diversity

      Our range includes jackets made from a wide range of materials. From robust faux leather to warm knitwear to breathable fabrics for the summer – with us you will find the right model for your outfit and the current season.

      Leather jackets are a classic and go well with many outfits, while cardigans impress with their comfort and cozy design.

      With hood, pockets, etc. – functional details for outdoor jackets

      In addition to the material, the details also play a major role. Hoods, pockets and other functional elements are not only practical, but often also contribute to the overall design of the jacket. Outdoor jackets in particular impress with their well thought-out details.

      For example, they offer numerous pockets for storage, a hood for additional protection and a sporty design that is ideal for outdoor activities. At Ladypolitan you will find models that perfectly combine functionality and style.

      Care tips for your jacket

      Proper care of your jacket will go a long way toward maintaining its longevity and good looks. Here are some useful tips to optimally care for your jackets, regardless of the model or season.

      This way you protect your jacket from rain and wind

      Weather conditions such as rain and wind can leave marks on your jacket. To protect them, consider models with a water-repellent finish.

      However, if this is not possible, there are various waterproofing sprays that will make your jacket waterproof. After a rain shower, always dry your jacket completely before putting it away to prevent mold growth.

      In strong winds, small stones and dirt particles can damage the fabric. It is therefore important that you carefully brush or vacuum your jacket regularly.

      The correct cleaning of leather jackets etc

      How you clean your jacket depends heavily on the material. While most fabric jackets can be easily washed in the washing machine, leather jackets require special care.

      Professional cleaning is recommended here. For smaller stains, it is often sufficient to dab them with a damp cloth.